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Adjustable Glides

Emperor & Empress Adjustable Glides

Heavy Duty Hank Adjustable Glides

Adjustable Glides with Metal Base

Adjustable Glides with Plastic Base

Low Profile Adjustable Glides

Assorted Adjustable Glides

Adjustable Glides with Felt Base

Marquis Adjustable Swivel Glides


School Glides

Marquis School Glides

Solo Glide®

Simple Glide®

Smart Glide®

Cantilever Chair Glides

Floor Saver Glide®

Quick-Snap Cap

Installation/Removal Tools


Banquet and Hospitality Glides

Apollo & Saturn Banquet/Restaurant Glides

Solo Glides Apollo Banquet

Plastic Insert Glides


Specialty Glides and Levelers


LevX Self Leveler





Twin Wheel Office Furniture Casters

Hooded & Unhooded Twin Wheel Casters

Twin Wheel Casters/Special Braking

Special Twin Wheel Casters

Riveted Heavy Duty Twin Wheel Casters

Glider/Bell Glides

Caster Top Fittings


Industrial Casters

Light Duty Industrial Casters

General Duty Industrial Casters

Institutional Industrial Casters

Medical/Polymer Industrial Casters

Skate Wheel Industrial Casters


Caster Sockets

Standard Plastic Sockets

Metal & Die Caster Sockets




Tubing Hardware


Tube Connectors

Heavy Duty Tube Connectors

Light Duty Tube Connectors

Expansion Connectors


Threaded Inserts

Metal Threaded Inserts

Plastic Threaded Inserts


Tube Closures and Caps

Metal Tube Closures

Assembled Tube Closures

Hole Plugs

Standard Plastic Caps

Simple Glides

Special Caps



Other Products


Felt Products

Quick Snap Cap & Installation Tools

Felt Nail-On Glides

Snap-On Felt Caps

Stick-On Felt Pads

Felt Adjustable Glides

Felt Base Solo Apollo Glides

Smart Glides

Felt Bottom Solo Bell Glide


Nail-On Glides

Felt Nail-On Glides

Plastic & Metal Nail-On Glides


Truck Body Door Rollers

Die Cast Products

Various Plastic Products





Engineering & Design


Custom Injection Molding

Custom Metal Stamping

Custom Assembled Products



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