Felt Bottom Solo Bell Glide

Felt bottom bell glides with a Solo Glide felt base replace casters in applications where the user does not want the office chair or table to roll and have a mounting height that is very similar to the casters they are replacing so as not to alter the height of the furniture.


These heavy duty bell glides are constructed from the finest quality black nylon, with the addition of Carpin's innovative Solo Glide style felt base that allows for quick and simple replacement of the felt pad using an extraction tool.


These highly attractive and versatile bell glides save you time and money by simplifying maintenance, allowing  you to periodically replace the felt base material without ever having to replace the entire bell glide.


Felt bottom Solo bell glides are recommended for use on less resilient flooring surfaces such as wood or vinyl tile.


Shown below is the standard configuration:


Felt Bell Glide Replacement for Twin Wheel Casters with Solo Glide® Base


Perfect caster replacement for wood floors or vinyl tile.  Replaceable felt bases allow you to keep a fresh clean glide base on your less resilient flooring.


Felt Bell Glide Replacement for Twin Wheel Casters with Solo Glide Base
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