Carpin Replacement Products


Glides and Caps to fix worn glides and replace damaged glides..

Thank you for viewing our on-line Replacement Glides product catalog. We supply furniture glides, furniture casters, furniture hardware, glides and casters for all applications, and we offer a full line of replacement hardware to fix worn or damaged glides and prevent flooring damage and floor scratches.  Below are links to individual product pages.  If you do not see it here please call or e-mail us and our customer service team will help you find the right product for your application.  Our minimum order quantity is usually 100 or 1000 pieces depending on the product and these products can be purchased on-line at

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floor saver glide, replacement caps
Floor Saver Glide®
Snap-on Caps

felt glides, replacement caps
Felt Base Snap-on Caps
floor damage, snap-on caps
Smooth Bottom
Snap-on Caps


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