Floor Saver Glide®


Prevent Floor Damage from School Chair Glides on VCT tile

The most prevalent maintenance issue in newer schools, by far, is the unattractive and damaging scratching and marring on VCT tile flooring.  If tile floors are not cleaned and waxed in accordance with very strict floor manufacturer's instructions, sand and dirt can embed in the bottom of traditional nylon base glides and permanently scratch the floor.  Steel base glides can scratch and mark floors also causing permanent floor damage and ugly black streaks.  Expensive felt glides or tennis balls provide only a temporary solution by giving the glide a soft surface protecting the floor, but ultimately the felt compresses and hardens, with sand and dirt embedded into it, and becomes more abrasive and damaging that the base it is covering.

Currently, when using standard school chair glides on VCT tile, the only way to protect floors is with meticulous, expensive and time-consuming floor maintenance.  Schools which can afford to clean and wax all floors on a weekly basis and clean every glide bottom will have fewer cases of floor damage than typical schools, which due to time & budget constraints, can not perform such extensive and expensive floor maintenance.  Furniture with Floor Saver Glide® bases are less prone to damage floors even in cases where floors are not meticulously maintained.

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The unique patented shape of the Floor Saver Glide® base pushes dirt and sand out of the path of the glide as opposed to standard glide bases which run over the dirt and grind the dirt into the tile.  By moving less dirt under the base, under the load of the chair, the Floor Saver Glide® base is much easier on VCT tile floors.  Also, the base itself is manufactured from a special material which slides over the tile much more easily than other standard bases.

By using the Floor Saver Glide® you can prevent costly and unattractive scratching and marring caused by typical school chair glides on VCT tile school floors.  The Floor Saver Glide® base can be integrated into any standard Carpin school glide or is available as a snap-on cap.  When purchasing new furniture, specify the Floor Saver Glide® base.  Floor Saver Glide® snap-on caps easily install over any existing school glide and work better and last longer than a felt glide, felt pads or tennis balls.

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