Featured Products

Here are a few of our latest products and developments which highlight some of our advanced capabilities:

Floor Saver Glide® Snap-on Caps and Glides for School Furniture

Chair Glides, School Floor

The most prevalent maintenance issue in newer schools is the unattractive and damaging scratching and marring caused by chair glides on VCT tile flooring.  If tile floors are not cleaned and waxed in accordance with very strict floor manufacturer's instructions, sand and dirt can embed in the bottom of traditional nylon base glides and permanently scratch the floor.  Expensive felt glides or tennis balls provide only a temporary solution but do not last and over time make the problem worse.  Floor Saver Glide® snap-on caps and glides prevent floor damage by keeping dirt and sand from scratching or marking the floor, reduce maintenance costs and keep floors looking their best.

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Tapered Caster with Clear Hard Wheels

Clear Caster, Furniture Castors

This new, innovative, award-winning caster features tapered egg-shaped wheels sized perfectly to the center housing, along with the crystal clear hard wheels produces a sleek, futuristic-looking caster.  Unlike clear soft wheel casters which easily comply with the stringent BIFMA standards, these clear wheels were specially engineered using FEA and behavioral modeling techniques and they are made of a proprietary, specially- engineered resin, and easily pass all BIFMA tests. Custom casters are our specialty.

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Telescoping-Shield Adjustable Leveler

Telescope Glide, Furniture Leveler

Telescope Leveler, Furniture Glides

The most unique feature of this bell-shaped, stylish leveler is the spring-loaded, telescoping, thread-shield which automatically telescopes and retracts as the glide is adjusted, thereby hiding the threaded stem and providing a continuous transition between the glide and the table or chair.  The two-tone color scheme enhances its appeal.

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Telescoping-Adjustable Panel Mount

Telescopr Mount, Furniture Glides

Funriture Mount, Glides

Aside from its unique tapered external contour this leveler has many exceptional features.  The upper portion is designed to clamp around a tubular frame and can be adjusted around the frame before locking the upper portion in place on the frame.  Then the frame can be leveled by screwing the mount to the desired height.  The upper portion retracts into the mount to hide the threaded stem.  This mount can be used on carpeting or on hard surfaces with special non-slip pads.


Heavy Duty Rocker Glide

Rocker Glide, Heavy Duty

Furniture Glide, Rocker

This sleek looking glide inserts into a tubular chair or table leg and provides a multi-angle glide solution.  Aside from the friction fit between the glide and tube, an internal steel spring clip provides additional holding power to prevent the glide from dislodging from the tube.


1-3/4 Self-leveling Glide

Self Leveling Furniture Glides

This unique leveler combines manual adjustment and automatic leveling.  Once installed on a table, these glides will automatically prevent the annoying table rocking that is so common on uneven floors.  The spring loaded threaded stem travels vertically inside the stylish glide base to provide support for the table and maintain constant contact with the uneven floor.