Chair Bases

Carpin Manufacturing has partnered with a premier chair base maker in China and can now supply standard nylon and die cast chair bases as well as OEM/custom designs.  Carpin engineers will work closely with you to determine your required finish, dimensional and testing specifications so that we can meet or exceed the quality and performance of your existing chair bases.  Or for a new project, our engineers will work closely with your design staff and with the engineering staff of our partner in China to insure that your designs will function properly and meet manufacturing standards.  Our engineering staff can even provide design assistance and consulting as part of a sourcing project.

As with all of the manufacturing we have performed outside of our facility, we and our Asian quality control personnel will monitor and steer the progress every step of the way.  We have been manufacturing in-house and importing from Asia for 25 years and we know what it takes to create a successful and cost-effective supply chain.  Our Asian quality control personnel will perform on-site audits and pre-production surveys to insure production is moving along as planned and that quality targets are being met, including all visual and performance benchmarks that may be required.  Once product arrives in our factory, our in-house quality control personnel perform the same analysis as our Asian colleagues, performing the same inspections and functional testing as per design requirements.  You can have the confidence that our warehouse holds the quality product that you expect and need for your operation. 

Carpin will carry and store the chair base inventory you require.  Many companies find that chair base inventory is both cumbersome and expensive.  Allowing Carpin to handle the logistics, inventory management, and inventory cost will provide tremendous cost savings to your organization.

We also can provide added-value services such as un-packaging, repackaging and caster-to-base assembly.

Select Catalog Pages
Below are a few catalog pages showing some of our standard offerings of aluminum die cast bases.  If you don't see it here or want to inquire about nylon bases, please e-mail customer service or call us.
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Chair Base Catalog Page 1
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